Do I Qualify?

If you serve America, LeoAdventures wants to thank you.

We thank and protect all currently employed full-time, part-time, and volunteer, first responders and retired U.S. Public Service Employees.


  • Federal Law enforcement
  • Federal Civilian
  • Active Duty Military
  • DOD
  • Quasi- government agency
  • Federal Power Agency
  • Veterans who have been honorably discharged
  • Retired Military or Federal Worker



  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire, EMT & EMS


  • Law Enforcement
  • National Guard & Reservists
  • Educator
  • Fire, EMT & EMS
  • Parks, Fish & Game, Forest Service
  • City – Other
  • County – Other
  • Municipal – Other
  • Special Districts: Water & Sewer
  • Municipal Utility & State Power Agency

Currently employed as a Full time, part time, Volunteer First Responder, Veterans and retired employees from Federal, State, or Local government agencies.

Who doesn’t qualify?

At this time, LeoAdventures is not able to provide services for employees of nonprofits, employees of contractors, employees of private companies that provide a public service but are not public government entities (including hospitals, nursing homes, and private schools), or those who work in the private sector. Also, government contractors, some quasi-government agencies (including the Fannie Mae), and some government corporations are not eligible.

Do all public servants get the same discounts?

LeoAdventures advocates for all public service employees, and we direct our brands to offer the same discounts to all our members. However, all offers are redeemed via each brand’s website, and the amount of discount each member receives is at the sole discretion of our brands. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].