Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Up & Approval

What is is a public service appreciation program to honor and acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices made by U.S Public Service Employees (“PSE”) whose employment is from a federal, state or local government agency/entity. Qualified members receive courtesy pricing on premium products. Because you dedicate your life to public service employment, LeoAdventures is here to help enrich your life outside of work. After all, you serve others every day, now it’s your turn to have fun!

Why do you charge a Membership fee?
All public service employees must be above reproach. Almost all federal, state and local government laws have ethical guidelines about asking for and accepting discounts and gifts. Using any part of work time to solicit for personal discounts is prohibited. Instead of leaving a grey area a question our fee is to eliminate any possible appearance of wrong doing on the part of the those who serve. The fee pays for us to operate as a business.
Who is Qualified to Join?

Full time, part time, Volunteer First Responder, Veterans and retired employees from Federal, State, or Local government agencies.
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Why my pay statement and pay?

PSE identity and employment verification is required because we have an agreement with our vendors to verify current employment or previous. For full-time and part-time employees providing us a copy of your most recent pay statement is the most efficient way of verifying both PSE identity & employment. We get 1000’s of different types so having everything showing makes it easy for us to verify membership status quickly keeping membership costs low. We do not keep any of this information. Almost all public service pay is public and we do not keep any of this information, it is deleted as soon as the application is rejected or approved.

For your privacy, you may redact your SSN, gross wages, employee number and bank account/routing information, and home address.

How does the Application process work?
  1. Sign Up – An application is filled out online and submitted by an applicant with required verification.
  2. Applicant Notified – Email Notification that one has applied.
  3. Application Review – Applications are reviewed and typically processed in 2-5 business days. An applicant is either approved, rejected, or asked for more information. An email is sent informing the applicant of their status.
  4. Application Approved – Once approved the applicant must login within 7 business days and pay the current membership fee.
  5. Application Rejected– Anyone may reapply at their convenience.
How long does it take to process my membership application?
Membership application processing typically takes 2-5 business days from the date of receipt of your complete application and proper employment verification information, but it can take up to several weeks depending on volume of applicants.
Is it possible to get an expedited membership?
Can membership be denied?
Yes. Membership will be denied in the following circumstances: a) You do not meet the Membership Requirements listed in the Membership Agreement; b) We are unable to verify your employment status or identity; and/or c) We have reason to believe you may not comply with the Membership Agreement and/or User Agreement. We have sole discretion over membership approval. See Section 3 of the Terms of Membership.
If membership is denied, do I get a refund for the membership fees paid?

Membership fee payment is not processed until after your application and employment verification has been approved. Only approved members are able to pay the membership fee. Membership fees are non-refundable.

I'm a retired public service employee, can I join?

Yes, please note that per our agreements with some of our vendors, only current full time employed Public Service Employees are eligible for certain brand discounts. We appreciate your service to our country.


What about my credit card information?

We don’t store your credit card information. We use STRIPE as our credit card processor and they process all credit card data and are PCI compliant. Find out more about their security features here:


Who can I buy for?

Your membership is for your personal use only although you can buy for your immediate family members. Immediate Family Members, as defined in our Membership Agreement, consists of your spouse or common law partner and dependents who reside in your household AND who are claimed on your tax return. LeoAdventures monitors purchases and use of this membership and/or vendor coupon codes associated where with by anyone other than yourself will be cause for termination pursuant to the Membership Agreement.

Can I give my login and password to a friend?

No. Your membership in is not transferable. YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE REVOKED if you share your password. If your friend is a U.S. Public Service Employee, please encourage her/him to join Their membership will likely pay for itself with just one purchase.

Brands & Product Issues

What brands do you have in your store?
The “Brands” section of our site contains a list of our current vendors that you are able to view without completing the membership application. We are continually engaging new vendors to increase the breadth and depth of desirable vendors available to our members.
What does full Inventory Mean?
Our vendors allow our members to shop from their web site and in general allow them to purchase at a discount, their products, not third-party products. Some vendors offer third party products and sale items which may not be eligible for a discount. Each brand can restrict certain items. Inventory and pricing of products is not guaranteed and can change without notice.
How do I purchase products?
Most vendors have an “e-store” link on our site whereby you are transferred to the vendor’s e-store and provided a coupon code for discounts. Please note that when using an e-store partner you are subject to their terms, including product availability, privacy, shipping, and discount eligibility. For vendors that do not have an e-store link on our site, LeoAdventures will facilitate purchases but the vendor will ship and charge your card. Please note that LeoAdventures does not stock inventory; therefore, product availability is not known nor guaranteed.
How do I return a product?
Not all items can be returned. Each manufacturer has a specific return policy. Many do not accept returns. To return a product you need to be familiar with each brand’s policy. You cannot return a product to a retailer it is a violation of the terms of membership.
I’m deployed overseas. How can I order products?
First of all, thank you for your service to our country overseas. You will need to check with the vendor regarding APO/FPO shipping and their policies in that regard.