Become a Partner Vendor

We Thank and Protect Those Who Serve America

We do this by connecting our community to carefully selected outdoor brands. These brands want to establish lasting, loyal relationships with U.S. Public Service Employees.


Why should your brand partner with Public Service Employees?

  1. We are membership based- this requires a commitment by our members and meets the stringent PSE requirements set for by the government
  2. Focused solely on Public Service Employees
  3. Stringent in our membership validation- we personally vet each applicant and they are required to sign an agreement that outlines our terms of engagement
  4. Easy to do business with- no additional system or resources needed


What else can LeoAdventures Members do for your business?

  1. Acquire Net (what does this mean?) New Customers at zero cost – 90% of purchases made by LeoAdventures members are net new customers to our brands.
  2. Create Significant Revenue – The average LeoAdventures member spends $250 or more per session.
  3. Build Brand Loyalty – 95% of members make repeat purchases. If you stand by them when they serve, they will stand by you when they are no longer serving.

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